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Cancel Order, Return & Refunds

Cancel Order

You have the right to cancel your order at any time for any reason before delivery.

If you recognized you have made an error after submitted the order, please call us (2796 6826), What's app (97231963) or inform us by email ( immediately. Don’t forget to mark down your order ref no. for our easy reference.

If in case you don’t receive any response from us within 24 hours after your emailed us, please do call us immediately.

Orders cannot be 'canceled' once they have been dispatched. We will treat them as unwanted parcel and the postage/delivery cost cannot be refunded - but we may still able to refund you for the good cost.

Cancellations are subject to Terms and Conditions agreed when placing the order.

Returns & Refunds

We guarantee 100% refund or replacement for any defected goods.

If you need to return goods or request for refunds, please inform us (with reason) by email ( within 3 working days upon you received the goods.
"Don’t forget to quote your order no."

If in case you don’t receive any response with 24 hours after your emailed us, please call us immediately.
Return goods

You have the right to return goods to us for any reason. But you must inform us and return to us at your own cost within 7 days after you received the goods. It is your responsibility to ensure the return goods are in sale-able condition, which is undamaged, unopened and unused. When the returned goods are checked in sale-able condition, we will refund you the value of the goods after deducting the cost for delivering and collecting (in any) within 30 days by cheque.
Replacement of defected goods

If any defect is found on the goods that we delivered, please notify us IMMEDIDATELY. We will arrange a replacement by courier in the next working day upon received your notification. We will collect and investigate the defected goods at our own cost. However, if we found any sign of cheating, we will stop providing goods and suspend the subject member’s account at our own discretion. Returns or refunds will not be allowed for any notification received later than seven (7) working days after delivery.
How do we refund?

We will refund any money due to the customers within 30 working days after confirmation the case. The refund amount will be paid by cheque. Refunds are subject to Terms and Conditions agreed when placing the order.